Spring is in the air and Easter is a few days away. It feels like we were just in this season!

Every year Josh and I host my family for Easter. It is always a good excuse to freshen up the pots and in particular, the front porch. This year I’m starting from scratch– which is exciting.

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I am planning to do native California landscaping in the front yard. Basically, the plants will use little water and consist of lots of grasses. I wanted my pots to follow that style as well.

{Yard Inspiration}

Drought Resistant Landscape Designs | for Stunning Landscape Contemporary design ideas with drought tolerant ...:

I found beautiful pots at Garden Essentials aka the Pot Place, on Taylor Ct. in Turlock. I used an Ollie (a mini olive), mounding grass, and a variety of succulents to build it. {For years I have planted beautiful season flowers only for them to last through Easter and die when summer approaches. Frankly, I am tired of that and want something that is going to last and mature.}

Porch CollageWe have a long ways to go in the yard, but a little green in my pots goes a long way!

Happy Spring!

Dwell on,


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Planning the kids’ rooms has been in the back of mind during the whole construction project.  I have been frantically pinning to try to create my concept.  We’ve been moved in for 3 weeks and I have been unpacking like mad because of the sheer fact that I CAN’T WAIT to see my décor ideas come to life.

Sawyer’s room has gone camping.  Each kiddo got to pick their own accent wall, with a little guidance of course, and then I took the concept from there.

Happy Camper Room

Re-purposing is always the first place I start when I decorate anywhere in my house.  I unpacked all my home décor first and spread it out and put it in different places around the house.

{You can do the same without even moving.  Take that mirror that has been hanging in your dining room for years and put it in your bedroom.  Sometimes a change that little can make a huge difference.}

I used a metal cabinet that once held my tea cups, a barn wood shelf that hung in my bathroom, and a quilt my grandmother made.  These items were the base of my design and they cost me nothing!

Happy Camper Cabinet


Barn Wood Shelf Happy Camper

One way I like to add character to a room is by finding timeless treasures at different sales and shops. Downtown Turlock is the perfect place to start your hunt.  The bed {Rustic Roots}, antique lantern, globe, and Yosemite picture were all great finds.

Yosemite Picture

Target dollar section is also an amazing location.  I bought the cardboard deer head and my hubby made a little frame, a little hot glue…

Happy Camper Bed

and there!  I made one trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase a few pieces of artwork and the cute arrow.  All the little things came together for a complete room.


Stay tune for the other bedrooms…


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DIY HORSE WALL ARTMy daughter is absolutely horse-crazy.

For now, this one (made of paint and wood) does the trick.

It is an easy DIY project that will make any horse-crazy girl happy.


White Paint

1 Drying Rack

Computer Paper to Print Horse Stencil


How to:

  1. Google an image of a horse.  Any kind of horse your heart desires!
  2.    I printed it in different portions on my regular home office printer.  For example, you will have the leg on one page, the head on another.
  3. Cut and tape the horse back together.  I know it sounds crazy.  There is really no other easy way around it. : )
    The taped together horse.

    The taped together horse.


  4. Lay the horse flat out on top of the drying rack. Outline it with paint.
    horse 2

    You may want to use of some the tape to keep the horse from kicking up at you!


5.     Remove the horse stencil and fill in the outline with paint. You knew you didn’t color in coloring books all those years for nothing! horse 3And the finished result…


Emily’s bedroom –complete with horse wall art!

There you have it! We’ll be your headquarters for DIY Horse anything and everything for a while.

Stay tuned!

Dwell on,


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We moved in!

During construction, I always joked that I hoped it would be like pregnancy… as soon as the baby is born, you forget all about the last 9 months. Well, we have moved in and my joke seems to be the case.

We have been unpacking boxes and hammering nails into the walls–and it is starting to look like home.  I am so grateful for all the people that supported us on this journey and I am excited to share what to come as the Wilson Project continues.

As we all know, home improvement never ends.  I have a list a mile long and I am anticipating so many projects that I have been storing up on Pinterest.

We have all been praying for rain, which we so desperately need, so until that lets up painting furniture and a few of those fun things are on hold.  Josh would not be too thrilled with over spray or paint drips on the concreate in his new garage.:)

Here is a sneak peek of things taking shape.  I plan to share more details room by room as projects take shape.

Inside of the kitchen

Inside of the kitchen


Mugs are The Pioneer Woman and rack from Farmhouse

peek at the chalkwall

Peeking through the kitchen to the laundry room’s chalk wall

Moving on to the bathroom

Moving on to the bathroom with my barnwood vanity



Emily’s bedroom –complete with horse wall art! (More on that in a future post!)

ELWemilys bedroom

Thanks again and continue to keep tabs on The Wilson Project….

Dwell on,


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project real estate and fixer upper

Every Tuesday, we will share with you Real Estate hacks and information to help you purchase your home.

Weekly, we’ll share a Fixer Upper house currently on the market, with ideas and tips for making it a dream home!

Most of us don’t have the budget to buy our dream home, but with some elbow grease, hard work, and a little financial help it is possible. I work with great lenders that will help you acquire the property and give you the capital you need to make a house into everything you hope for.

I’m going to share three houses with you, each with different spaces for improvements, ideas and dreams!  All three houses are in the country in Turlock, California with some acreage and room to start a new project.

House #1:
Move in Ready
7380 W. Bradbury Rd
4 Bed 3 Bath – 3.59 Acres – 3,379 sqft
House #2:
Needs a Face Lift

3606 W. Simmons Rd.

3 Bed 2 Bath – 3 Acres – 1,446 sqft

House #3:
Total Fixer Upper
2601 E. Linwood Ave
3 Bed 1 Bath – 3/4 Acre -1,612 sqft

Which house would you choose for your next project?

Don’t be afraid to dream and ask for help!  Give me a call (209) 535-0577 for more information on the listings.

Stay tuned for Dwell on Nat’s Weekly Fixer Upper!

Dwell on,


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